Our centre specializes in junior training, so whether your kids aspire to become tennis pros or they are just in it for the fun, we will bring the game to their level and develop their playing skills within a fun and fair sporting experience. We are proud to be the leading club in the Eastern Suburbs for quality junior tennis coaching and strive to promote sportsmanship and confidence in every aspect of the game.

Browse through our programs to find the best fit for your kids or contact us click here for more information about our junior coaching options. We accept NSW Active Kids Vouchers for all our programs.

After School Program

Our centre offers 9/10-weeks Hot Shots after school program for children aged 11 and under that conveniently fits within the school term. The enrolment form for the upcoming term can be downloaded here. You will have a choice between 45-min and 1-hour lessons and schedules can be arranged with the coach.

You are entitled to a make-up lesson in case of a cancellation made prior to 24h before your scheduled lesson. In the event of bad weather, our centre reserves the right to cancel a lesson and offers a choice between a make-up lesson and credit to use later on. If weather conditions are poor and you are unsure if the lesson will take place, we advise you to call us to confirm that the lesson has been cancelled.

Please note that upon registration a commitment to term dates is required and full payment must be made by phone, credit card, bank transfer or cash.

Hot Shots

At Snape Park we endorse Hot Shots, Tennis Australia's junior program using modified balls, nets and courts to bring the game of tennis down to your child’s level. Programmed in four stages (Launch Pad, Red, Orange and Green) it ensures an optimal set up for the height and the reach of a young player and allows kids to master basic techniques in a fun and safe environment.

The four stages are aimed at preparing children for the game of tennis in a full-size court with traditional yellow balls through a progression of ball compression and court dimensions. Below you will find an overview of the Hot Shot stages offered at our centre.


This stage introduces children to tennis through games and fun activities. Kids will learn the basics of tennis including how to rally. There are a number of program options at this stage.

Tennis ball: red ball (25% compression) Recommended racket size: 21–23 inches


After mastering the Red Stage, children move on to the Orange Stage in which the ball bounces a little higher (having 50% of the regular compression) and the court is slightly larger in size.

Tennis ball: Red ball (25% compression)

Recommended racket size: 19–23 inches


This stage is for beginners. The red ball is larger than a yellow ball and doesn’t bounce as high (having 25% of the regular compression), meaning even the youngest of players can hit it comfortably. The courts and nets used in the Red Stage are much smaller and therefore easier for kids to move around in.

Tennis ball: Orange ball (50% compression) Recommended racket size: 23–25 inches


The ball used in the Green Stage has a higher compression (75% of a regular tennis ball) and children play on a full-size court.

Tennis ball: green ball (75% compression) Recommended racket size: 25–27 inches

Contact us on or call (02) 93443424 for further information about our Hot Shots program and its stages.

School Holidays Camp

Looking for fun filled activities for your kids these school holidays? Look no further, because Snape Park Tennis Centre has an exciting new Tennis Camp on offer every school holiday.

Available for children aged 5-16, our program includes soccer fitness and training activities, tennis coaching for all standards, Round Robin tennis tournaments and to top it all off a free BBQ/Pizza lunch on the last day. At the end of the camp we will provide trophies as well as certificates for all players.

Brothers and sisters are welcome with a special 10% sibling discount!

Terms and conditions and the entry form for our upcoming tennis camp can be downloaded here.

Squad Training (invitation only)

We offer Squad Training sessions designed for the competition level player with an emphasis not only on playing technique but also on game tactics. One of our main goals as coaches is to teach our pupils how to adapt to the various scenarios they will face during a match, whether it be responding to different playing styles, adapting to weather conditions, knowing court surfaces and learning how to choose the right shot at the right time in different situations. Other aspects we touch on are diet, fluid intake, fitness and footwork.